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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  March 20, 2010 10:00pm-10:50pm EDT

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captions provided by: real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company. we're 24 hours away. >> last-minute rallies for health care reform. the latest on the votes and sticking points of the bit. this bundle of joy couldn't wait for the hospital. the unlikely place she was born. spring has sprung. how long will the march mildness continue? my seven-day forecast coming up. a serial burglar on the loose. the community a thief has struck a dozen times. live in high-definition from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news at 10:00.
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seniors, young people, women, small businesses. >> this is an issue that still has to be resolved. >> lawmakers and protesters descend on capital hill today on the eve of a historic vote on health care reform. good evening. i'm karen parks. jeff abell is off tonight. the big story today and all weekend, congress will put their reform bill to a vote tomorrow. the question remains. will enough democrats swing left to pass the bill? we have the details from washington washington. >>reporter: president obama came to urge them. >> don't do it for me. don't do if for the democratic party. do it for the american people. they are looking for action right now. >>reporter: democratic leaders are trying to secure the votes
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needed to pass the investigation. democrats abandoned the plan. it would have allowed them avoid a straight up-or-down vote. >> it's time to have real accountability in washington. no demon pass. none of the tricks. let's have a dunk one at a time. >>reporter: the house speaker reiterated there would be no abortion language in the measures. a pro-life democrat had wanted a ban on taxpayer-funded abortions. >> this is an issue that has to be resolved. i'm offering a way to resolve it. i'm not saying or accept it. i'm offering a way. >>reporter: the house will vote first on the package of fixes and then directly on the senate bill itself. if it passes, the bill will be sent to mr. obama for his subject. the package of fixes would go to the senate and be taken up in the next few days. democrats predict they'll have the votes tomorrow, but republicans argue the votes that matter most are the ones that will be cast on
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this upcoming election day, which predict will be against democrats for having passed it. the health care package is massive. this is the copy of the bill. all 200400 pages. it took us three hours and 15 minutes to print this out it. weighs in at 25 pounds. inside? hundreds of new regulations, tax increases and fees. also inside, sweetheart deals for lawmakers. connecticut will get $100 million to build a hospital. tennessee gets $100 million for hospital construction. the so-called louisiana purchase remains in the bill giving $300 million for medicaid. another $8.5 billion will go to support medicaid programs. 800,000 people in florida will get to keep medicare benefits that are being cut in other states. if you would like to read the entire bill, we've posted a link on our website. go to
10:04 pm tens of thousands of protesters descended on capital hill to urge lawmakers to vote no on the health care bill. as myranda stephens reports, some say their efforts are already working. there was an array of sights and sounds today on capital hill as tens of thousands of protesters took part in what they call an emergency rally against the congressional health care bill. >> i voted for obama. i used to consider myself a democrat and a progressive. this bill has changed my perspective. >>reporter: with congress set to vote on sunday, opponents are hoping to put pressure on those undecided lawmakers to just say no. among the masses,
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hundreds of marylanders who rode on a bus from bel air. they say their efforts are already working. >> i guarantee representative -- from maryland would not have voted against the house health care bill had we not gotten up to his office and banged on his door and told him to vote against it. >>reporter: demonstrators say there are better ways to cut cost and expand health care from promoting health savings account to tort reform. >> let's fix tort limits so if people sue doctors they don't get unlimited settlements. they hope congress is listening. >> (music playing). >> is this the white house or the red house? >> god bless us. stop this bill now. >> congress, you're fired. >> (music playing). >>reporter: in washington, myranda stephens, fox 45 news at continue o'clock. most americans don't want
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health reform passed in its current form. democrats are making an all-out push to get it done anyway. we asked people if they think congress is following the will of the people. >> between congress and the president -- just the will of the people. it doesn't seem like anyone knows what is going on or able to keep up or follow. >> they don't think we are paying attention. we are paying attention. we're a lot smarter than they think we are. >> that is our question of the day. do you think congress is following the will of the people? so far 14 percent of you say yes. 86 percent of you say no. robin writes on facebook, "no. they don't follow the will of the people because if they were we wouldn't have so many problems. the only way we're going to get something we need is to speak up for ourselves." robert writes, "they are the legally-elected representatives of the people. if they don't like what they're doing, they need to vote. that's how our
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democratic republic works." go to and tell us what you think. sound off through face book or send us a tweet. there's still time to tell your lawmakers how you feel about health care reform. go to our website at fox 45 continues its in-depth coverage of the health care reform debate. in 20 minutes, we take a look at legal challenges facing health care reform and how attorney generals across the country are standing for state's rights. in other news tonight, residents in month vernon are on edge. more than a year ago they had to deal with a rapist who broke in to several homes and now they're dealing with a thief. candice dold is live tonight. >>reporter: this sign is hanging on many doors in the
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area. police are looking for an african-american male, who is breaking in to homes in mt. vernon. it's an effort to curb the crime and catch the criminals. >> it's ridiculous. so much crime is going on. >>reporter: there's outrage in mt. vernon. people are frustrated that a thief is on the loose. >> the perpetrators are just, you know, lifting the windows up, going inside and stealing electronics. >>reporter: the thief was brave enough to steal from a resident on the 10th floor of a building. >> you don't think someone is going to be that bold. >>reporter: this criminal isn't holding back. in fact, police think the suspect burglarized more than 24 residences in the past two months. there's a pattern here. the thief has been climbing up fire escapes like this one and entering in through unlocked or open windows.
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>> it's pretty scary. there are fire escapes that are quite assessable if you want to get in. >>reporter: police are beefing up patrols. >> there are undercover officers working around the clock trying to catch this guy. >>reporter: the community association is doing their part too. >> we're citizens on patrol and we're passing out flyers to alert residents we have a fire-escape burglar. >> thank you. be safe. >>reporter: making their rounds to make sure this thief doesn't come around anymore. >> it's more eyes watching for these guys. >>reporter: of course, it is a beautiful night out here and people will open their windows to get some fresh air. police want to make sure you do remember in the morning when you leave, close and lock them. and of course, if you see any suspicious activity, you're asked to call 911. live
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tonight in mt. vernon, fox 45 news at 10:00. city police are investigating the death of a man found decomposing in northeast baltimore. the body was fully clothed with a backpack earlier today. police say his one sleeve was rolled up and suspect an overdose. they say the body had been there for a while. the terps' avoided the upset bug in the ncaa tournament beating houston last night. here's a look at tomorrow's second round matchup. >> the terps' hoping to rebound from their early exit in the tournament advance. 89-77 last night. the story of the game was rebounds and the player of the game was freshman jordan williams. williams brings it in and puts it back. later in the first, he follows his own
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miss. uses the glass to his advantage. jordan had a career high 21 points and 17 rebounds. the terps' led by two at the half. second half maryland up 11. he added 19 points as maryland beats houston 89-77. it's their 10th straight first-round win. they advance to play michigan state tomorrow at 2:30. gary williams knows that is no easy task going against tom and the spartans. >> tom's team has always played. they come after you. they execute very well. you have to match their intensity and passion for the game. >> we'll have much more post-game reaction plus complete highlights and a review of their game against the spartans at 10:50 on "sports unlimited." back to you. what a perfect spring day. at 1:32 today, spring arrived.
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plenty of people took advantage of the amazing weather downtown. many walked around the harbor, shops and even paddle boating. will this great weather continue tomorrow or could a few clouds roll in? he has a first look at our skywatch forecast. welcome. >> good to be here. i don't know how we're going to improve tomorrow. i think it will be almost as good tomorrow as we had today. 61 degrees. can you believe at this hour 61 degrees and partly-cloudy skies. how warm was it on this first day? 74 degrees. we didn't break the record, but we should be at 55 on the first day of springtime. satellite radar composite. we are clear, high and dry. high pressure is going to stay with us tomorrow. no problem. matter of fact, we'll keep the merury toasty. 67 at lunchtime topping out at 72. any rain on the horizon?
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my full forecast in a bit. this bundle of joy couldn't wait for the hospital. the unlikely place she was born. in tonight's cover story, is the cost of higher education continues to rise, it has many people wandering about trade schools instead of colleges. surveying the roads. how baltimore could be one step closer to bringing -- to city streets.
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firefighters in east baltimore helped bring a new baby girl in to the world today. >> i was driving in the front. she was in the back seat. >> the mother went in to labor early today and rapidly started
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progressing when the baby's father was driving them to the hospital. he called 911, but had to stop at a nearby fire station on east 25th street for help. firefighters and paramedics delivered the bundle of joy in the back of the car. >> seeing the baby's head sticking out and -- it tore my stomach up. >> i see something like that on tv. i didn't think it would be me having a baby in the car. >> both the mother and baby were taken to the university of maryland hospital and are in good health. a state senate panel decided friday maryland should balance future budgets by shifting some teacher-pension costs to local government. the state government pays the full cost of those pensions, which will be $1 billion in the coming year. the cost shift will save the state about $63 million in the first year. rising to $330.02 years later. >> we have to keep our promises
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we've made. my attempt is to try to make sure we can fund it. otherwise, we have to change the promise. >> some county leaders say this will force them to cut back on county services or raise taxes. a very happy homecoming for some national guardsmen today. >> (cheering). >> slowly and with much anticipation, members of the maryland air national guard came through the arrival gates at bwi today. many loved ones greeted them with signs, balloons and of course, open arms. commanders say it's likely they will be redeployed, but not too soon. they're all home for well-deserved r&r. >> they're all coming back with nose injuries. everybody is safe. they completed the job in an extremely professional manner. they're doing what they get paid to do. >> they have not seen their families since new year's day.
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as some troops return home, some young americans protest to bring them all back. the protest was dubbed "the funk the war dance party to drop beats, not bombs." dr demonstrators held signs. >> the point is to bring out as many students as we can who are engaged in pop culture and love music and who feel betrayed by the obama administration. >> police escorted the demonstrators as they snarled traffic and got in to a few scuffles with others. no word of any arrests or injuries. there were some reports of vandalism. you may be paying more at the pump because of an error-filled report byte department of energy. internal documents obtained by dow jones exposed frequent errors in the
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invent tories report. it sets the tone for pricing. it's largely dependent on private companies data and some of the companies under or over-reported crude oil currently in storage. to put it in perspective, every time the average price of gasoline goes up by $0.01, americans spend an extra $3.7 million a day. it's our duty to hold elected officials accountable. you can help by joining our fox 45 waste watch. if you have a story about government waste, call our hotline at this number. you can also log on to our website at and click on "waste watch." days after violent murders near the u.s.-mexican border, the fbi director appeals for more funding to help fight gangs and drugs. domestic terrorism is his agency's number one priority, but
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cracking down on gangs and drug violence can't be ignored. in the flow of drugs across the american border is a major concern. three people with ties to the u.s. consolit were shot to death last weekend in mexico. >> i insist this is a by-national problem,which is a drug consumption in the u.s. and the crime associated with that traffic. >> where games used to be localized and became nationalized, they're internationalized. >> the fbi director said the united states has seen a tremendous increase in gang membership to nearly one million nationwide. the search is on for a man wanted for stealing a car in hardford county. police hope you'll provide the tip that leads them to ja mar. he's this week's maryland's most wanted. jeff barnd has more. >>reporter: take a good look at this man. this is 29-year old hurt wanted by the regional
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warrant apprehension task force on the charge of motor vehicular theft. in october, he stole a ford mustang from a business. hurt also goes by the name "lil jay." 6-2, 170 pounds and has tattoos on his chest and neck. anyone with any information on his whereabouts is urged to call police at this number. as always, all tips are held in the strictest confidence. they do indeed make a difference. remember. if you provide any information that leads to an arrest, you may be eligible for a cash reward. jeff barnd, fox 45 news at 10:00. police arrest a murder suspect wanted in the killing of a raulings man late last night. investigators found 23-year old richard glen in bel air today around 4:30 wanted in the murder of the 38-year old matthew golden friday night in raulings, maryland. a search for glen began immediately. he
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was arrested without incident. a survey of downtown baltimore this weekend could cause a few traffic delays, but will bring the city closer to landing a high-profile grand prix race. baltimore racing development hopes to bring a 3 to 4-day indy racing event to baltimore in august 2011. an arial and ground survey is needed to help seal the deal and to get the job done parking was prohibited along certain streets between 10 and 1:00. >> it will give us basically exact plans for the existing continue and grades of the roads. that will allow us to develop design plans for the work that has to happen to accommodate the indy car race, should it come to baltimore. >> hopes are to wrap up an agreement this month and the league's decision on giving baltimore a franchise could come within weeks. the first elephant born at maryland zoo in baltimore celebrates his second birthday
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today. sampson had all the makings of a great party. his birthday cake and lots of singing too. the zoo has a heard of elephants now. when it comes to news in your neighborhood, see it, shoot it, send it. upload photos and videos to our website. and click on the i con. you can also send photos from your cell phone. well, let me see. where were you at 1:32 when we had that wonderful ushering of springtime? i'll let you know my full forecast in a little bit. what looks to be skel tan remains found off the coast of arubba. why some snapshots are being turned over to federal
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authorities. i think the cost benefit certainly is >>. the cost of higher education continues to rise. as more americans are pinching pennies to get hey, what's this?
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yeah, we're changing our name to xfinity. no more comcast tv, friendo. xfinity is totally different. so 100% fiber optics straight to the home? no, not really... multi-room dvr? none of that. highest rated -- forget it. [ tires screech ]
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...internet? [ male announcer ] don't be fooled -- xfinity is the same old comcast. no wonder verizon fios has 4 times more very satisfied customers. this is beyond cable. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities this is fios. at 800-974-6006 tty/v. these days the cost of a college education is higher than ever. nationwide, public university tuition increased nearly six percent last year. the governor plans to hike tuition at maryland schools by three percent. as jennifer gilbert reports, those rising costs are making some people ask about trade schools. in
10:27 pm
the greasy world of diesel mechanics, 28-year old flame hair isn't afraid to get her hands dirty. >> pressure. pull it up. getting greasy to get money to take care of me and my kids. >>reporter: this single mother of two is the only woman in her class at the north american trade school in woodlawn. >> i like to get greasy. i like money. that's where it's at. >> the first thing you need to do is get that socket. >>reporter: she considered college, but decided on the fast track to good money. >> who wants to do a four-year college? that's a long time. >>reporter: after a 10-month program, she is on her twie become a diesel technician, making up to $19 an hour. >> you can get a job easy. >>reporter: over the last three years since the economy soured,
10:28 pm
enrollment at this trade school has gone up about 20 percent. >> it's very common to have a 52-year old come in my office and want to pursue something different because he got laid off from a six-figure income. >>reporter: with the pricetag of a four-year private college approaching $100,000, a 10-month program costs up to $15,000 total, may seem like a bargain. >> i'm still paying off my daughter's student loan, $25,000. the training cost here and the job opportunities after graduation, i think the cost benefit certainly is there. >>reporter: especially training for trades that might be recession-proof. >> you go home tonight. if your heating system is not working, you'll probably spend money to get that fixed more so than maybe go to the store and buy a pound of coffee. >>reporter: whether learning how to fix a truck or drive one, the students here also get
10:29 pm
help finding that first job. in fact, a lot of them even have an interview lined up before they hit the road after graduation. >> i was having -- to get a job. >>reporter: patrick jackson got a tough lesson in growing up during tough times. >> doing the worst things you could ever think of. i said, i have to wake up one day. >>reporter: at 18 patrick found himself with a child to support and no means to do it. >> the jobs weren't coming through. i had to make moves to take care of the son i'm having. >>reporter: along with the skills, he learned lessons in life along the way. >> come nothing to the school, they taught us -- that's what i live by. attitude, attendance, appearance, acdemmence and accountability. >>reporter: and hopefully use it to make a good living in the real world. in baltimore county, fox 45 news at 10:00.
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looking for a job? fox 45 wants to help. fox 45's job boot camp is filled with employers looking for workers and workshops that will help you be the best job candidate you can be. the boot camp will be at the state fair grounds march 23rd from 9:30 to 2:30. there's more information on our website. click on the job bootcamp link on the left side of the screen. photographs of what looks to be skel tan remains. who they believe they may have found at the bottom of the ocean. >> there is no other -- for congress to do what they're trying to do. that's what i'm saying. on the eve of a historic vote on health care reform, there is a move in many states to try to shut down the bill even before it passes.
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with our temperatures bracket at 70 and 75, march mad if you record hockey... can watch it in the basement. yes!
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can you thabl weather today? it's really funny because we were all talking and just a few weeks ago we were knee-deep in snow and then look at today? we're actually
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wearing short sleeves and flip flops. >> you have all the snow -- it's 70 -- 74 today. it's vanished. goodbye winter, hello springtime. at least until monday. how is that for tease? we'll keep you around two minutes and 50 seconds. no big weather changes. satellite radar picture. we have nothing to show you. that's the good news. we're going to keep it that way. overnight our temperature is 46 degrees. not too shabby when you consider an overnight low. 55 is where we should be for a daytime high. things are going pretty good. currently we have mild temperatures, as you can see up and down the east coast. i'm going to tell you about what is going on midwest. no springtime there. i'll show you in a little bit on what is happening in the midwest. 63
10:35 pm
at inner harbor. partly-cloudy skies. highs today 75 in baltimore. pushing 80 down in witch richmond. a little more cloud cover. we were as warm as they were in florida almost in the mid-70s. this is the system. it's going to change our weather come monday in to tuesday for rain and cooler temperatures. here's what i've been talking about. from oklahoma all the way up to illinois, snow today. 4 to 6 inches of the white stuff. you know how march can be, especially when springtime is here. we do see very graphic changes from day to day. clouds and radar on future scan. we'll put it in motion for you. can't find anything. no flies in the the ointment. this system comes through monday. maybe get an inch of rain out of it. the temperatures will be around 60 degrees. no big deal there. hd radar with nothing to show
10:36 pm
you. 46 degrees and partly cloudy overnight. 71 degrees on the eastern shore tomorrow. a beautiful day to be out sailing and enjoying the bay in all its finest. central maryland, we're thinking we'll get to 72 to 75. 73 degrees for the daytime high tomorrow. 55 is where we should be. 69 in western maryland for the high. on my five-day forecast, you know all about tomorrow. showers and rain. maybe a thunderstorm monday in to tuesday. cooling down and then rain comes back. 62 to 64 by thursday. when i come back in a little bit, we'll check that seven-day forecast. a pennsylvania couple believes they may have photographed the skeletal remains of natalie holloway while scuba-diving off the coast of arubba. while there has been much speculation about what happened to her, no one
10:37 pm
has ever been tried in connection with her disappearance. the fbi has the photos. investigators have declined to comment. march is a popular month for men to have surge vee. what procedure they're having and why they do it in march. the president and the team believe strongly that what we're about to pass and sign in to law will meet constitutional -- >> fighting health care reform with a
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10:39 pm
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we're following the big story tonight. in less than 24 hours, lawmakers will vote on the 2400-page health care reform bill. on the eve of this vote, there is a move to try to shut down the bill even before it is passed. jeff barnd has more. >>reporter: with the stroke of a pen, it became official in idaho. the governor signed a bill requiring the state's attorney general to sue the federal government if a health care measure that mandates individuals buy health insurance passes. >> there is no authority that grounded in the constitution for the congress to do what they're trying to do. that's what i'm saying. >>reporter: virginia may not be far behind. its attorney general has announced he will also file suit if congress approves a health care measure
10:41 pm
and it looks like we'll have plenty of company. florida's attorney general has already sent a letter to the national association of attorney's generals saying, "i invite you to join me in preparing a legal -- to the constitutionality of whatever individual mandate provision emerges immediately upon the legislation becoming law. " the white house remained confident on thursday. >> the president and the team believe strongly that what we're go to pass and sign in to law will meet constitutional muster. >>reporter: in addition to those states considering lawsuits, many others are opting for a different legal maneuver all together. working towards amending their state constitutions to make it illegal for any government intity to require individuals buy health insurance. not only the federal government, but also the state government like the requirement under massachusetts health care reform. >> they don't want that in their state. if the state pass the constitutional amendment,
10:42 pm
it would make that unconstitutional. it would also provide protection against any kind of federal action. >>reporter: it is not just the individual mandate that states are rejecting, but the mandates for the states themselves. arizona's governor has sent a letter to president barack obama and congressional leaders objecting to so-called benefit exchanges, which would require states to enact specific legislation to set up the framework or allow the secretary of health and human services to do it for them. jeff barnd, fox 45 news at 10:00. government-funded abortion remains the biggest sticking point standing in the way of the bill's passage. the house speaker also reiterated there would be no abortion language in the measure. the representative from michigan is a pro-life democrat. he wants a ban on taxpayer-funded abortion. a proposal pro-lifers support. >> our concern is that despite what some legislators are asserting, the bill most
10:43 pm
certainly does pay for abortion. >> they have threatened to vote against the health care reform bill if the language on abortion doesn't measure up to their demands. stay with fox 45 news. we are following the events on capital hill closely and will bring you the latest from washington on sunday on fox 45 news at 10:00. march is the month many men choose to be laid up on the couch recovering from surgery. urologists see up to a 50 percent jump in vasectomies during sporting events like march madness and super bowl weekend. they say it makes sense because it's an outpatient procedure and only takes about 20 minutes, followed by a period of taking it easy afterwards. if you're anxious about the procedure, try soft, soothing music. health researchers studying people with anxiety
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compares massages and music. they found listening to music was more a cost-effective option showing prolonged results. maryland keeps their season alive after beating hey, what's this?
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what a great day it was. i was down in d.c. watching marathoners in the national
10:47 pm
marathon, my daughter included. 26 miles. i haven't walked that far my entire life, let alone four hours. we're going to have a better one tomorrow. maybe a few more clouds, but still in that 72 to 75-degree range. we'll post it at 73. monday it looks luke we're going to have a day of transition. those showers and thunderstorm possibilities. 60 percent chance throughout the day e. it looks like tuesday we cool down. 54. we'll loose the rain. we stay dry until wednesday. march, especially up and down with that forecast and the temperatures. looks like we clear out by thursday only to have rain come back in on friday. all in all the next seven days, enjoy tomorrow and changes on the way. maryland -- to their win against houston. complete highlights, plus a preview of their game tomorrow. >>reporter: thanks so much. coming up tonight on "sports unlimited" the terpins cruise
10:48 pm
past houston in the first round of the acc tournament. we'll have highlights of that coming up. they head to the second round to take on michigan state. plus michigan state cruise past mexico state to take on the terpins tomorrow. biggest showdown in college lacrosse under the lights. duke verses syracuse. that's coming up next in "sports unlimited." terpins were upset early on. they had extra time to reflect on that game and get ready for the big dance, hoping not to have a repeat. they had no problem getting past houston last night, advancing to the second round of the tournament. early in the first, terps' down two in transition. game tied
10:49 pm
at six. the story of the game, though, was rebounds and the player of the game was jordan williams. williams brings it in and puts it back. later he follows his own -- uses the glass to his advantage. jordan had ten points and ten boards in the first half. he's still not done. with the terps' u7 four, he fights for the loose ball urpth and lays it in. maryland up six. under five seconds in the half, adam brown takes it across midcourt. launches a prayer and it rattles in. take another look at the last second as time expires. maryland only led by two at the break. second half terps' up one. vasquez with the behind-the-back pass. maryland up four. back to the big man. williams running the four. gets behind the defense and throws down the one-handed slam. he had a career high 21 points. terps' up eight. more from jordan. moesly finds him next to the baske.


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